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Here goes everyone. Here is the information on the conversion rates around Basic Comms and what will happen when 3.0 launches. Just to reiterate for those unaware, here are the basic changes coming to Commendations:
  • All PvE Commendations will become Basic Commendations in 3.0.
  • The Commendation types "Classic" and "Planetary" are being removed from the game.
  • The types "Elite" and "Ultimate" will remain but the current Comms you have will become Basic.
  • Warzone and Ranked Warzone Commendations remain untouched.
Here are the conversion rates for all Commendations.
  • 2 Classic Commendations = 1 Basic Commendation
  • 1 Basic Commendation = 1 Basic Commendation
  • 1 Elite Commendation = 2 Basic Commendations
  • 1 Planetary Commendation = 3 Basic Commendations
  • 1 Ultimate Commendation = 3 Basic Commendations
The Basic Commendation cap will remain at 1000. However, when the conversions happen we will allow you to go up to 2000 Commendations. Note that until you go below 1000 again, you will be unable to earn any Basic Commendations. This includes if you buy an item and try to refund it. You must go below 1000 before you can earn more.

There ya go folks! All of the details and conversion rates on Basic Comms in 3.0.

Eric Musco | Community Manager

Link to the thread here
Meik very good idea in conversion rate
Del'tan Thanks Rucus, awesome info! gonna go max out my planetary for starters.

Rakghoul Boss

Rucus a posted Oct 28, 14
Come one come all tomorrow night Wed the 29th we will be killing the Rak boss.  Sign up on the calendar or just show up.  Going forward we will continue to run things on Wed to get you all involved, so be there or be square!!
ObsidianHealer Why tonight >.<.... Oh well guess i won't be killing it with you guys.
Exnuke a We can (and will) do it wed and fri. Heck, depending on how many toons you have, we can do it once for each toon. If you ...
Clowy I assumed we would be doing this fuzzy Friday?

SWTOR Conquest Kickstarter

Exnuke a posted Oct 24, 14

We have backed a kickstarter project (  to redesign  Here is a description of what we will be getting as a backer:

2 Guilds - Guilds get no ads on widgets, guild permanently listed on a "sponsored guilds" page, and your guild page upgraded to include more information about your guild. Including: Characters to contact in game if interested in joining, guild website, guild description, etc (I will work with those who select this option to choose this information). Turning into a small recruitment center for your guilds. AND custom url for guilds. EXAMPLE:

We have donated the second guild to our sister guild, Hail Skroob.  In the next few days please let me know what information you think should be on our guild page and also what information would you like that website to display. I will pass the information along to the website owner.

Meik of course info about all the good stuff (TeamSpeak, Parsec, Simmins song writing) and most importantly that its all Fuz ...

Call to Arms!

TheTenthDoctor a posted Oct 14, 14
We are attempting to conquer Ilum! We need all hands on deck! Check this thread for details.
Chemayla Hail Skroob won NarShadaar make sure to log into your Imp toons Tues to get title - they expire after a few days
At last the dreaded Dread Council (HM) has been Defeated! Congrats to our raiders!

Simins just one too many spokes
Simins Just realized the mini-map sorta looks like the imperial seal...
Meik wow, good job
That's right folks! If we ever get to Kessel, we will all sleep easily because Kephess has been vanquished! In a grueling two day raid, the heroes from No Sleep Till Kessel have finally destroyed EC's Kephess on NiM . Congrats Everyone! 

Simins Now we just need to do EV and KP NM 16man and EC HM and NM 16man!
Clowy That was really fun I will have to admit.
Miglet Hmm... 1st time defeating Nightmare Kephess was the 1st time Miglet came along. Coincidence?

Dread Master Bestia no more

Exnuke a posted Sep 9, 14
Actually, that isn't the biggest story.  The biggest story is that Kaahlin actually spent some of her hard earned (like healing is hard) BKP.  But , all that aside Dread Master Bestia went down after a hard fought battle.  What was started on Saturday, finished with the cold dead corpse of our prey on Monday.

Btw, the rumor of Fuzzy being JMD is just that, a rumor.....we all hope.

Kaahlin a Was a GREAT fight tho guys... Congrats to all on a job Well Done!!!
Kaahlin a I need something else to spend points on now.. lol
Exnuke a No Johnnymaddog here.....

After it became apparent that the conquest of Alderaan would not come to a swift end, Fleet Admiral Aygo came up with a daring plan to tip the scales in the Republic’s favor. After review his plans with General Garza, Grand Master Satele Shan, and Supreme Commander Jace Malcom, he was given the green light. Operation "Killer Joe” was a go.

Operation "Killer Joe” is a three staged attack on House Thul by a small platoon of soldiers consisting of a mix of Jedi, troopers and privateers. Fleet admiral Aygo suspects that with all the battles raging across Alderaan, the outposts and the main Imperial cities will be lightly guarded and a small force of elite troops should be able to take them. Stage one will be an attack on Outpost Ghrent located in the Glarus Valley. Stage two is the capturing of Outpost Bolym in the Juran Mountains to prevent any early warning being sent to House Thul. The last stage is the Siege and Occupation of House Thul and the Rhu Caenus Spaceport. The goal of this attack is to demoralize the enemy by taking their palace and to prevent the landing of enemy reinforcements at the spaceport. Aygo dispatched two generals code named Rucus and Fuzzyewok to lead the attack along with one of his admirals known as The Doctor to help coordinate airstrikes and flybys.

Stage 1:

The platoon gathered at Castle Panteer and proceeded to Outpost Ghrent. As anticipated, the outpost was lightly guarded and fell quickly. After a short victory speech by General Fuzzyewok, the troops rallied and headed towards Wardpost Hurne to pick up some supplies. However, unknown to the platoon, a message had gotten out to House Uglo that the outpost was under attack. House Ulgo saw a opportunity to test a new weapon they had been developing and sent forth their new droid design, the Siegebreaker, to destroy the invaders. House Ulgo’s developers have noted that the Siegebreaker design is a failure.

Stage 2:

At Wardpost Hurne, the commanders discussed which route they would take to the second outpost. After consulting maps provide by Private Simins they decided to take the north route and cross the river at the head (though it was tempting to take the south route and use the bridge) to avoid detection.  At 2235 hours the battle for Outpost Bolym began. The fight was fierce and quick and the outpost fell to the Republic forces.

Stage 3:

With the last fall of Outpost Bolym, the platoon at last was in position to strike House Thul. There was no need for subtlety here as the goal was to strike fear and demoralize the enemy. At 2240 hours the platoon led a full charge on the gates of House Thul!

Resistance was lighter than expected, even so it was a hard fight. Thovarr was hit in the knee and would have been out of action had it not been for the emergency medical treatment he received in the field.  With the gates breached, Generals Fuzzyewok and Rucus led the platoon through the streets straight to the doorsteps of the Thul Palace. The battle outside the palace doors was furious! With the palace forces defeated, the platoon celebrated its victory on the throne of House of Thul.

 With the palace taken the platoon moved on to the spaceport which was guard by a Sith overseer who was quickly overwhelmed. The remaining forces were dispatched and the spaceport was secured. Operation "Killer Joe” was a success and the Occupation of House Thul has begun. 

Jerek Kerwyn That was so much fun it should be illegal.

Guild Ship Crafting Recipies

Exnuke a posted Aug 15, 14
Here is what is needed to expand our guild ship.  It will cost 50 (that's right 50) dark projects to get one encryption.  You will need 50 encryptions to get one framework. Each room/wing of the ship will require 2-6 frameworks and 5 million credits.

Dark Projects (any crafter)
3 Self-perpetuating Power Cell, 6 Alien Data Cube, 6 Biometric Crystal Alloy, 3 Rakata Energy Node, I War Supplies: Invasion Force

War Supplies: Invasion Force (any crafter)
1 ea: Infantry Supply Kit, Armored Vehicles, Holocron of Strategy, Starship Weapons, Crystal Capacitors

Infantry Supply Kits (Biochem) First three are all biological compounds and last three are biological samples. Any one of the recipes will make one Infantry Supply Kit
6 ea: Artificial Microbe, Viral Residue, Red Goo, Immunity Cell Culture
8 ea: Nerve Damaging Chemical, Cosmic Trace Particle, Psychoactive Compound, Nutrient Cell
10 ea: Blue Goo, Medical Fluid, Genetic Anomaly, Hallucinogenic Compound
6 ea: Metabolic Enhancement Agent, Biological Compounding Chemical, Mutagenic Paste, Neuro Extract
8 ea: Alien Bacteria, Inert Virus, Parasitic Microorganism, Quick Growth Agent
10 ea: Toxic Extract, Microscopic Symbiote, Unknown Microorganism, Bio-Energy Cell Sample

Armored Vehicles (Cybertech, Armormech, and Armstech) Any one of the recipes will make one Armored Vehicle
8 ea: Electrum, Mythra, Durasteel
12 ea: Neutronium, Diatium, Bondite
16 ea: Phobium, Bronzium, Chanlon

Starship Weapons (Cybertech, Armormech, and Armstech) Any one of the recipes will make one Starship Weapon
8 ea: Amorphous Carbonite, Zal Alloy, Turadium
12 ea: Resinite, Fibermesh, Polyplast
16 ea: Plastoid, Plasteel, Laquerous

Crystal Capacitors (Synthweaving and Artifice) Any one of the recipes will make one Crystal Capacitor
8 ea: Damind Crystal, Carbonic Crystal, Upari Crystal
12 ea: Firkann Crystal, Phond Crystal, Opila Crystal
16 ea: Nextor Crystal, Bonder Crystal, Eralam Crystal

Holocron if Strategy (Synthweaving and Artifice) Any one of the recipes will make one Holocron of Strategy
8 ea: Alien Artifact Fragment, Primeval Artifact Fragment, Primordial Artifact Fragment
12 ea: Galactic Artifact Fragment, Hypertech Artifact Fragment, Ancient Artifact Fragment
16 ea: Lost Artifact Fragment, Sacred Artifact Fragment, Prehistoric Artifact Fragment

There are a total of 15 rooms that can be unlocked. The grand total of frameworks required for all 15 rooms is 54. Doing the math, for a complete unlock of the guild ship it will require 2700 dark projects. Ouch! We can also get frameworks from Conquest Commanders (chance drop.) However, all who participate in taking him down will get one encryption. We can also get encryptions from weekly rewards for guild conquests. Oh, for those who are attempting to do the math with the 2700 dark projects. It will require 8100 Self-perpetuating Power Cell, 16200 Alien Data Cube, 16200 Biometric Crystal Alloy, and 8100 Rakata Energy Node. Start farming!
StenSfik are the vehicles/weapons/holocron used for Conquest missions?
Kaahlin a are you f**kin serious????? holy crap.. I'm all for farming but even Im not THAT nuts... nope.. not happenin.
Exnuke a Generally, for the 6/8 each mats, it is level 6 and 9, for the 8/12 each mats, it is level 5 and 4, and for the 10/16 ea ...
You have been thinking lately, "You know, I could use a hypercrate once the new patch hits. Too bad I don't have the cartel coins to spend." Well stop your thinking about it. I will be putting a hypercrate up for a raffle. It will only cost 200,00 credits per ticket. You may think,  "Hey, I don't have that kind of bank roll." Don't think that! That should only take an hour of dales to come up with it. Easy. Enter as often as you wish. Funds will be put in for our guild ship. Ok, now the fine print. Ticket sales will have to reach a minimum if 5,000,000 before it will be raffled off. That is only 25 tickets. Send an in game email to Exnuke. I know you may see me on one of my other toons, but please send it to Exnuke. Drawing will be held once the new patch drops and the new hypercrate is released. Of course, the winner will have to wait the 36 hours for it to clear customs. Enter often and good luck!
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